Within the framework of the CIPE congress – XI International Congress of Psychology and Education in Valencia (Spain), whose axis revolves around “Psychological Well-being and digitalization: the great challenge of Psychology” our team has presented the results of the Laboratorium program, an innovative, playful, immersive and collaborative psycho-educational Escape Room to promote the intellectual enrichment of pre-university students with high abilities or high performance. This initiative has made it possible to disseminate the scientific and technological culture that is generated in our university, favoring the understanding and social perception of the role of the University as a generator of knowledge. The participants have been able to get closer to science through this motivating experience to learn about mental health, positive psychology, improvement of psychological well-being and socioemotional competences. The study is funded by the Plan for the Dissemination and Communication of Science and Technology, CUENTA 2022 Profesorado, of the Vice-Rectorate for Students and Coordination of the Miguel Hernández University.