The AITANA research group was formed in 2010 at the initiative of a group of professors from the Miguel Hernández University with a common interest: the study of the psychological problems of children and adolescents and the improvement of their emotional well-being. The group is interested in the psychopathology, evaluation and treatment of psychological problems of childhood and adolescence. AITANA carries out research projects, transfers results, offers services in research and intervention advice to institutions and entities, and trains professionals in child and adolescent therapy through the Master in Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents, accredited by ANECA and with access to doctorate. AITANA promotes the dissemination of advances in the field of childhood and adolescent psychology through the International Congress of Clinical Psychology and Health with Children and Adolescents, which since 2011 brings together specialists from all over the world annually. Since 2014, AITANA publishes the Journal of Clinical Psychology with Children and Adolescents, which disseminates scientific studies in this area. The members of the AITANA group share a passion for research in clinical child and adolescent psychology, with the vocation to contribute to scientific knowledge with the highest human and professional quality and in a significant way.



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