A recent study by Martínez-Sitjes, Estévez Casellas & Carrillo, UMH researchers, has found interesting results on the relationship between empathy and bullying. Using the Empathy Index Questionnaire in Children and Adolescents (IECA) and the Bull-S Test, they examined whether there were differences in the level of empathy in victims and bullies.

The results showed that both bullies and victims scored lower on the empathy index than the overall sample mean. In addition, girls scored higher on empathy than boys and were more empathetic with girls than with boys.

These results suggest that emotional competencies may be impaired in schoolchildren involved in bullying situations and highlight the importance of empathy in the development of social-emotional skills and its role in bullying prevention.

Full article: https://www.revistapcna.com/sites/default/files/2215.1_0.pdf