Mireia Orgilés and José Pedro Espada, Professors at the Miguel Hernández University and founders of the spin off PSICOLOGICA, have been awarded with the First Prize “Best training, transformation, information or awareness action around health” developed from the university environment in the VIII edition of the Affective-Effective Awards Forum, organized by Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies in collaboration with Cátedras en Red.

The awards ceremony was held in Madrid, where the winning projects were announced. The nominations were evaluated by a jury made up of 52 representatives from all areas of the healthcare sector, and a total of 410 projects were submitted for the eight categories that make up the awards. The award was presented by Mª Teresa Marín, General Director of Humanization and Social and Health Care of the Regional Ministry of Health of Castilla La Mancha, and by Celso Arango, Head of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Service of the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid.

After two editions marked by restrictions due to the pandemic, on this occasion the forum has resumed the face-to-face format in an event led by the journalist Roberto Arce. The opening table was attended by Mª Dolores Moreno, Deputy Minister of Health Humanization of the Community of Madrid; Boi Ruiz, Director of the University Institute of Patients of the International University of Catalonia and representative of Cátedras en Red; Dolors Navarro, Director of the Patient Participation and Empowerment Area of the Hospital Sant Joan de Deu and President of the Jury of the Effective Affective Awards; and Luis Díaz-Rubio, President and CEO of Janssen Iberia.

The winning project (Emotional powers for happy children: effectiveness of the Super Skills program) highlighted the accumulated evidence of an innovative program that detects and reduces emotional problems in school-age children and their repercussions, increasing resilience and providing families with strategies to deal with emotional difficulties. Through this program, with digital characters that provide information on how to deal with certain situations or exemplifying techniques such as relaxation, in addition to videos of real children who are a practical model for learning skills, care is taken and treatment is applied taking into account the personal characteristics of each patient, encouraging the emotional expression of children in a playful environment and creating a climate of trust and security. The idea is to provide children with resources that make them more competent to face the stressful problems in their lives, reducing chronification and therefore the risk of complications in the future.

More information about the awards ceremony: https://foropremiosafectivoefectivo.com/ediciones/2022/fotos#menu-editions

Link to the video of the Category Awards Ceremony: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TE8abtmyJxOxFW_DZUYEtQtwvOJ4fpQm/view?usp=sharing

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