The eighth edition of the International Congress of Clinical Psychology with Children and Adolescents brought together nearly five hundred specialists from more than twenty countries at the Elche Congress Center. In this year’s edition, more than three hundred papers have been presented and have addressed current issues such as the management of self-harm in adolescence, hikikomori (extreme social withdrawal), problems related to emotional eating, care for transgender youth, and the management of suicidal behavior. Among the speakers at this edition, Kristene Doyle, director of the Albert Ellis Institute in New York (USA); Samuel Cortese, from the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom; Peter Muris, from the University of Maastricht (Netherlands); or Caroline Braet, from the University of Ghent, Belgium, among many others. The closing ceremony, attended by the President of the Spanish Academy of Psychology, Helio Carpintero, concluded with the presentation of the AITANA Award to Professor Annete La Greca, from the University of Miami (USA), for her contributions to the improvement of children’s mental health.