Miguel Hernández University has awarded the 2020 Aitana Prize to the British pianist, James Rhodes, who is internationally considered a renewer of classical music. He has stood out for his firm activism and denunciation of child sexual abuse. In recent years, James Rhodes has contributed very remarkably to make this problem and other problems related to children’s mental health more visible. The 2020 Aitana Award recognizes his work in raising awareness and social sensitivity concerning the protection of children’s rights and the promotion of their psychological well-being.

The 2020 Aitana Award will be presented by the Rector of the UMH at the closing ceremony of the 6th International Congress of Clinical and Health Psychology in Children and Adolescents, organized by the AITANA Group of the UMH from November 18th to 21st, which will bring together online nearly 500 specialists from more than twenty countries.