The current situation of compulsory social isolation and fear of Covid-19 may be a risk factor for the increase of emotional problems in the child and youth population. In order to detect emotional symptoms in these populations, professors Mireia Orgilés and José Pedro Espada, members of the AITANA research group at UMH, have enabled an online assessment protocol to follow up on risk cases that subsequently require psychological attention. The study, which is voluntary and cost-free, will require any family to fill out a form, which will take about 10 minutes a week and will include questions about mood, anxiety, problematic behaviour and other situations that affect child welfare.
Once the health emergency situation is over, the families of those children who require psychological counselling in order to recover their emotional well-being will be contacted and offered an online psychological intervention. This work is part of a project financed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation for the detection and treatment of emotional problems in children. People interested in participating in the study can access the form by clicking here.