The Doctoral Thesis called “The role of parental educational styles on externalized and internalized psychological problems and adaptation in Colombian children from 8 to 12 years old” was recently defended by Jaime Moreno Méndez and headed by Dr. José Pedro Espada, from the UMH and Dr. Inmaculada Gómez, from the University of Almería. This research conducted in Colombian school population showed that family cohesion, communication, shared leisure, parental satisfaction, collaboration with school, recognition, management and emotional expression, democratic style, and promotion of positive behaviors work as protective factors of psychological problems and adaptation. In contrast, conflicts at home, parental overload, impulsivity, permissive, ambiguous/non-consistent styles, and dysfunctional reaction to disobedience play an important role in the manifestation of internalized, externalized, and adaptive problems in children.