The group AITANA arises in the year 2010 by the initiative of a group of professors from the UMH with a common interest: the study of psychological problems in children and adolescents and the improvement of their physical and emotional welfare. The previous experience of each researcher at the universities of origin and their training at U.S. universities has allowed that, by joining efforts, the development of new projects in recent years. They have examined the symptoms of numerous disorders, developed assessment instruments and evaluated applied interventions.

AITANA researchers apply the findings of their studies by developing their work in three areas: Care setting at the Psychological Services Center of Miguel Hernández University; Training, by the organization of the Master's Degree in Psychological Therapy with Children and Adolescents, which is on its sixth edition, and Scientific Diffusion, by the social diffusion of the last advances in children and adolescents with the organization of the International Congress of Child and Adolescent Clinical and Health Psychology  and by the publication of the Journal of Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology.

AITANA group members share a common way of understanding the psychological research; they feel a vocation for their work and have the desire to contribute strongly to the scientific knowledge. They also coincide in their passion for clinical and health psychology in child population.